PCI – Practical Complete Inspections – New Builds.

PCI or Practical Completion Inspections – cost $495 – $550 inc GST

This is your opportunity to walk through the property with the building company and note any discrepancies in workmanship / structure etc.

Why wouldn’t you hire a professional that will notice elements an untrained eye may not see, understands building tolerances and standards and can note all these within a report for you to pass over to the building company for repair or rectification.

Our PCI inspection includes items such as the following but not limited to:

  • Structural elements including roof void framing, external walls & cracking.
  • Roofing, gutters, flashings.
  • Ceilings, slab and wall workmanship.
  • Tiling & grouting.
  • Sealants particularly in wet areas.
  • Painting finishes.
  • Plumbing & electrical installed, RCD & smoke alarm installs.
  • Fixtures & fittings such as door handles, towel racks, kitchen cabinetry, bench tops along with many other elements of the property.

This is a complete structural and cosmetic inspection conducted by a Qualified Builder with full professional insurances. Phil has over 20 years experience and has conducted over 3000 inspections to date. BPI follow the Australian Standard 4349.0 Inspection of Buildings process and the reports offer full coloured photos at no extra cost.

Unusually large properties may be a higher cost at BPI’s discretion i.e. 3 stories, 5+ bedrooms, 3+ bathrooms etc.