Frequently Asked Questions

Are you experienced?

Yes. Phil has conducted over 3000 inspections and been a builder for over 20 years.

Do you get in the roof space?


Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have full Professional Indemnity insurance.

Why did the real estate agent refer you? Do you have a kickback deal?

No absolutely not. Agents refer us because they know we offer superior customer service, value for money & an easy to read report. We are totally unbiased.

Why do I need an inspection?

The council doesn’t check these houses as they are being built so why wouldn’t you have a professional look over it.

Do you find structural defects often?

Yes, mostly every day.

Do you find termites?

Yes, mostly every week.

The pest guys say not to use a combined inspector so why would I?

With training and experience of course we can visually inspect for pests when we are in the roof space already.

Are structural things major?

Yes they can be but typically are fixed quickly and relatively cheaply by the seller.

Do building inspectors need to be registered in WA?

No they do not.

The house is new so it wouldn’t need an inspection would it?

Absolutely, we defect more new houses than older ones and don’t forget the council doesn’t check anything in WA during the build.

Can you look at specific things within the house for me?

Yes we can, free of charge.

Why use you guys?

Phil is a qualified carpenter and builder. He knows the timber framing code within the roof void. Some builders in WA are not carpenters, they don’t have to be. They might well be a plumber or a cabinet maker who then studied to become a builder for example. Do they know the AS4349 and relevant building codes having never built an entire house themselves?

Can you explain what the report means?

Of course we can.

Can you speak to my partner and explain some items to them?

Of course we can.