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Precision Building Inspections brings expertise and professionalism to every inspection they complete.

Phil and Belinda have lived in the Rockingham shire for over 9 years and originate from NSW. This means Phil has learnt his trade within Australia and follows all relevant Australian Standard building codes. He has worked in the building industry for over 20 years as a Qualified Builder in residential, commercial and industrial building industries.

WA does not require inspectors to have any trade, licence or qualifications. However, it does now have an association of building and property inspectors called InspectWA. We are affiliated with various building inspection associations that require a very high standard to be a member.

Wouldn’t you like a qualified builder to inspect your biggest purchase? Our clients have the peace of mind that Phil has all the experience and knowledge to inspect houses.

Phil is fully qualified and insured to inspect and report on timber pests at the same time.

We offer prompt and professional service, with a fair and honest evaluation of the property. We have completed over 5,000 pre purchase building and pest inspections.

Phil uses the latest technology in moisture meters and a thermal camera.

We offer a personal, prompt service.

We deliver an easy to read computer written report with colour photos that is ready the night of the inspection.

Just call and we will organise the rest directly with the real estate.

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Know what’s wrong, how to fix it, who to call, and how much to pay

Don’t think that every inspector is the same. Not everyone has full insurance, experience in residential inspections and years of experience. We offer a full inspection not just the basic structural inspection. We believe clients would like to know the over all condition of the home they are buying not just if its structurally sound. Other components we are looking are any significant repairs that are required, safety issues like downlights burning the insulation and out of date non-compliant smoke alarms.

The REIWA Offer & Acceptance contracts are often lengthy and sometimes not very well explained to you. After all these months you are excited to finally find the home of your dreams and you would like to make an offer so you don’t miss, but you need to be aware of exactly what you are signing in regards to the building and pest inspection.  

We recommend you research on the REIWA website prior to signing anything so you are fully aware of the terms of any offers you make on a property. Mostly only structural defects and live termites in the house are required to be fixed. So this means sagging ceilings, leaking roof and old termite damage to the kitchen cupboards will not need to be rectified, if we uncover these things within our report.

REIWA recommend if you are wanting a full picture of the overall condition of the property, so you can negotiate the price, that you have a building and pest inspection before you sign the Offer & Acceptance. Everyone involved can have a clear understanding of the condition of the property and you can make a fair and reasonable offer.

A pre purchase inspection is a small price to pay towards your future home.

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