Most Houses in WA Don’t Have Weep Holes…

Most houses in WA don’t have weep holes or they are covered by pavers and pathways. This wall was mouldy in the living room due to a poorly maintained gutter outside which enabled water to run down the cavity between the brick walls. With no weep holes to escape, the water sits there causing mould […]

Major Structural Defect in a Roof Void

Here’s another couple of very significant major structural defects in a roof void. The steel strutting beam is rolling over and the top plate has pushed off. This one goes straight to the engineer to investigate & sort straight away.

How’s This For a Termite Nest in a Roof Void?

How’s this for a termite nest in a roof void. Yummy Jarrah. Phil was lucky not to fall through the ceiling frames on this one.

Another House Termite Buffet!

Look what Phil found in this roof void – another house termite buffet!

What is a Weep Hole?

Hi guys, just talking about weep holes today. A weep hole is a brick joint that doesn’t have mortar in it. It’s designed to allow any moisture that might get into the cavity, inside the wall, to escape when there’s excess water and also allows air flow in the cavity.

Fire Separation

During a recent Building Inspection in Rockingham We discovered a Fire Separation Dividing wall between two units was incomplete and breaches the building codes. The bricks or fire rated materials are required to continue all the way to the underside of the roofing materials with no gaps or open penetrations. These regulations are designed to […]

Major Safety Defect

Major Safety Defect: Whilst carrying out an inspection in Beeliar we were told by the owner that they had previously had to re-fix some eave sheets in place over the rear patio area. During the roof void inspection we straight away noticed the curve in the ridge which indicated the roofing timber had started to […]